As children we were, all seven of us, encouraged to play and explore trying many different things.  Then, ART just happened !

As a young professional, my artistic training became very structured, demanding precision and realism, but in many different media.  Then, ART was work !

As a full-time Artist,  I am re-training myself; to relax, follow my mind's eye, to play & discover again !

Usually, it just happens.  That's ART !

- Brenda Mulholland -

Brenda Mulholland, mixed media artist

Encouraged by a highly creative family,  Brenda studied Art & Design in all it's forms at Vancouver City College, Humber College, Ontario College of Art & Design and Flemming College.  Brenda worked in the Corporate Interior Design industry for 25 years before finally breaking away to re-discover her personal artistic abilities, and relocated with family to the City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.

Amazed & inspired by perfect simplicity, structure & textures found in every-day items, Brenda creates her tactile Artworks using acrylics, watercolour, inks & pencils intermingled with re-defined trinkets, glass, fibers, maps, birch bark, feathers ... strategically placed on paper, wood, canvases or stone.

All her Artworks are visually enticing, often curious, always joyful !

All Commissions are welcomed & encouraged.


[email protected]

"STUDIO421" open by appointment.

Cash, cheques & major Credit Cards accepted at point-of-sale.

- Each year Brenda participate in the Victoria County Studio Tour of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.  This free, self-guided Studio Tour is always held the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October.  Brenda usually remains open during the Thanksgiving weekend as well, but please call ahead.  Watch for the STUDIO TOUR road signs directing you to #421 9th Conc.  You will enjoy your short drive but watch for local pets and visiting wildlife!  ( for more information.)

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