As children we were, all seven of us, encouraged to play and explore trying many different things.  Then, ART just happened !

As a young professional, my artistic training became very structured, demanding precision and realism, but in many different media.  Then, ART was work !

As a full-time Artist,  I am re-training myself; to relax, follow my mind's eye, to play & discover again !

Usually, it just happens.  That's ART !

Brenda Mulholland

Brenda M. Mulholland, mixed media artist:

Encouraged by a highly creative family,  Brenda studied Art & Design in all it's forms at Vancouver City College, Humber College, Ontario College of Art & Design and Flemming College.  Brenda worked in the Corporate Interior Design industry for 25 years before finally breaking away to re-discover her personal artistic abilities, and relocated with family to the City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.

Amazed & inspired by perfect simplicity, structure & textures found in every-day items, Brenda creates her tactile Artworks using acrylics, watercolour, inks & pencils intermingled with re-defined trinkets, glass, fibers, maps, birch bark, feathers ... strategically placed on paper, wood or canvases.

All her Artworks are visually enticing, often curious, always joyful !

All Commissions are welcomed & encouraged.

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